Instant Purikura

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Product Description

- Turn your phones or tablets into a fun Japanese Purikura (プリクラ) photo booth.
- Enhance your pictures with multiple effects, frames, pens, flowers, signs, and stamps before sharing them with your friends via Faccebooth, Twitter or email.
- Create your fun photos and share with friends and relatives today.
- Available for Android & iOS devices.

Features Include

Photo Management:

  • In-App camera
  • Select photos from your albums.
  • Save altered pictures to your photo album.

Photo Effects:

  • Zoom and crop your photos.
  • Change the look of your pictures with purikura.


  • High-resolution stamps and frames.
  • Add effects, colors, signs, flowers.
  • Precise writing with multicolor pens.
  • Text input with cool fonts.

Photo Effects:

  • Email your pictures to friends from within the app.
  • Upload to Facebook & Twitter.
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