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About Active Panda

Active Panda is a new, independent company, publishing children's games, interactive story books and educational apps.

We make innovative, multimedia, highly interactive apps for tablets, smart phones and other touchscreen devices. These apps are not existing books squashed onto phones, but instead are specially created to take advantage of the devices to tell stories and provide educational lessons to children in new and engaging ways.

We are proud of everything that we publish and make. We want to be sure that it meets the need of a reader (or emerging reader), as well as it possibly can. That means great illustration, design, audio, video, animation and a rewarding experience for our users. We extend above and beyond to find these things from new and established talents.

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Customer Testimonials

Toddler Preschool Activities is a must-have application for each growing child. If you are tired to see your child playing mobile games, try this application.

" Ravi Wadhwani - September 5, 2014 "

This game is great. My three year old is in love with it and it is really helping him learn while keeping him engaged. He's always ecstatic when the celebration noises play that let him know he did a good job, I think they were a wonderful addition because they encourage him to strive for the right answers, which helps a lot in his ability to learn. I recommend this app to any parents with toddlers and especially toddlers who need a little extra help. It really works for my baby.

" Soliloquy J - September 6, 2014 "

My 3 year old loves it! I have a three year old little boy and he absolutely loves this game. I have seen improvements in both counting and vocabulary since he started playing this app. I am so impressed that I am seriously considering buying the full version. Well done devs!:-)

" Anne Engebretson - July 9, 2014 "

Great app! My two yr old loves this app. And mommy loves it too because she is actually learning multiple things at once!

" Penelope Cagnolatti - June 28, 2014 "

My two year old loves playing with with this very interactive and entertaining app. In about a day of playing she learned to identify more numbers and letters

" Denise Caca - June 24, 2014 "

Working at Active Panda

We owe our success to the talent and passion of our teams. We aim to create an atmosphere that reflects the company's culture where we value our employees expertise, creativity and innovation.

By joining our team, you can enjoy a solid amount of independence in your work. Our work ethic strongly encourages collaboration, and our production methods are constantly changing to ensure a work environment that encourages all levels of experimentation, innovation, and team responsibility.

The development of new technology and our desire to create more creative and innovative applications require specific skills. In order to keep up with innovation, we strive to recruit the best talent around the world in programming and design fields.

Do you like to challenge yourself and have fun? Please contact us.

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